Your skin's future is yours to define. FUTURE SOLUTION LX Our beauty comes from our experiences in life. They make us who we are, and illuminate us from the inside.
Philosophy of Future Solution LX - movie
Who we are, what we do, where we go
Who we are, what we do, where we go- our skin tells this story.
Future Solution LX brings out Better and Better Skin
The Ultimate Beauty System is skincare based on the performance of Skingenecell 1P and Chronobiology.

After seven years of research and development, Shiseido researchers developed an exclusive ingredient, Skingenecell 1P*.
This exclusive ingredient helps reduce the age-inducing factor Serpin b3 and also helps to improve skin quality to create more beautiful skin.

Chronobiology is Future Solution LX’s exclusive new approach to beautiful skin. It is the study of our internal body clock and the role it plays in the skin’s natural functions. Using this concept, Shiseido is able to enhance the skin’s condition.

*ingredient that addresses age-inducing factor Serpin b3
Superior Radiance Serum NEW
The lustrous glow of a pearl is built layer upon layer, and takes many years to achieve.
The smoothness of its surface, its inner translucency, and the uniform thickness of its layers combine to create the pearl's luminous quality.
After 7 years of research, Shiseido developed a powerful new brightening ingredient.
Combining Pearl Hybrid Complex with the effects of exclusive Skingenecell 1P, this serum clears away uneven skin tone factors and powerfully reduces their root cause.
Jennifer Connelly's Experience
Jennifer Connelly and Future Solution LX
Jennifer Connelly's sophistication falls in line with the values of Future Solution LX.
“Living a life that gets better every day is a matter of perspective.
Having skin that gets better every day is a matter of skincare.
I think that the way we live shows through our skin - that our beauty is informed by who we are, what we do, where we go.”
- Jennifer Connelly
The Ultimate Beauty System
Intensive care
Extra Rich Cleansing Foam
Concentrated Balancing Softener
Total Protective Cream
Total Protective Emulsion NEW
Total Regenerating Cream
Superior Radiance Serum NEW
Ultimate Regenerating Serum
Eye and Lip Contour Regenerating Cream
Natural Ingredients
Premium Uji Green Tea Extract
Premium Uji Green Tea combined with modern science unlocks age-old secrets, revealing the source of tea's revitalizing properties. Harnessing the power of antioxidants, Uji Green Tea protects cells from damaging UV rays.
Super Yeast Extract
Super Yeast Extract promotes synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which provide powerful age-defying benefits.
Premium Sansho Extract
Premium Sansho Extract has long been relied upon as natural remedy to counteract poison, regulate the functions of the intestines and promote digestion.
Sakura Leaf Extract
The Sakura Leaf's herbal extract is known to give skin a supple and youthful appearance. Effective in inhibiting the effects of elastase, it helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles and sagging.
Star Fruit Extract (Yangtao Leaf Extract)
The pattern of the Star Fruit is visible at a glance. Its extract is effective in protecting collagen from breaking down, an vital element for beautiful skin.
Okra Extract
Okra Extract is known to be rich in calcium, iron, carotene, and vitamin C. It is also effective in collagen synthesis, which helps to promote smooth texture and firm tones for beautiful skin.
Angelica Root Extract
Commonly known as a powerful guardian and healer, Angelica Root Extract is said to promote microcirculation and accelerate cell turnover.
Ononis Extract
Ononis has been used for centries in home remedies. It is proven to promote the production of Laminin 5, a key component of the basement membrane.
Sophora Root Extract
Used for centuries to treat skin ailments, Sophora Root Extract is generally known to offer natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.
Japanese Floral Notes

Breathe, relax, and experience the serene aromas of the Far East.

Cherry Blossom (Sakura)

The symbol of spring, Sakura is the national flower of Japan.
The Sakura is a symbol of elegance and grace, and the transience of its blossoms is often paralleled to life's fleeting nature in poetry.
In paintings, and other visual arts, Sakura is represented as clouds or snow because of the flower's volume when in bloom and its snow-like appearance when petals fall. Commonly known for its calming and anti-bacterial effects, Sakura gives off a soft, sweet aroma.

Plum (Ume)

A familiar Japanese crest, Ume has frequently been the subject of Japanese poetry and paintings to symbolize nobility and early spring.
It is also well known as a symbol of strength, vitality, and beauty and as a porte-bonheur to ward off evil. When in bloom in early spring Ume casts a sweet and spicy floral scent that has long been a favorite in Japan.

Rose (Hamanasu*)

The symbol of the Crown Princess of Japan, Hamanasu has been the subject of Japanese poetry for centuries as a flower representing strength, suppleness, and vitality.
The Hamanasu, indigenous to the northern region of Japan, blossoms along coastlines and mingles in the saltwater air providing a sweet yet spicy aroma.
*This indigenous rose in the Hokkaido region of Japan is known to bloom along cold coastlines. Many poets have written about Hamanasu's strength, suppleness and vitality.

Healthy skin

Your skin is constantly rebalancing itself, naturally striving to achieve its own most beautiful state.
Even damaged skin cells attempt to heal their own irregularities to prevent extending the damages to surrounding cells.

Unhealthy skin

Why does skin become damaged? Why does it age?
One cause is Serpin b3:
a major aging factor in the skin. Shiseido discovered that Serpin b3 disrupts normal cell activity.

The only ingredient in the world Skingenecell 1P for a fundamental improvement in your skin's quality.

After seven years of research and development, Shiseido researchers developed an exclusive ingredient Skingenecell 1P.

This exclusive ingredient drives age-inducing factor Serpin b3 from skin cells**, radically improving their quality and creating more beautiful skin.

*ingredient that addresses age-inducing factor Serpin b3

The Ultimate Beauty System Bringing out your skin’s inherent ability to improve itself.

The Ultimate Beauty System is skincare based on the performance of Skingenecell 1P, and Chronobiology LX.
Chronobiology LX is Future Solution LX's exclusive approach to beautiful skin. It enhances skin's condition by synching skincare with skin cell activity.
It brings Better and Better skin.

The Secrets of a Pearl's Luster
See why it's vibrant
See why it's weak
Extra Rich Cleansing Foam 125mL

This exclusive cleansing formulation does not compromise skin’s moisture and smoothness, leaving it prepared to receive the effect of Skingenecell 1P.

Concentrated Balancing Softener 150mL

Spreads Skingenecell 1P over the skin surface. It creates the appearance of skin with a beautiful texture and density.

Total Protective Cream SPF15  50mL

With a synergistic combination of Sansho Extract and Skingenecell 1P, enhances the power of Daytime Defense Gene.

Total Protective Emulsion SPF18  75mL

With a synergystic combination of Sansho extract and Skingenecell 1P, the power of Daytime Defense Gene is enhanced, and your skin's resistance to damage is developed.

Total Regenerating Cream 50mL

Skingenecell 1P helps to repair the look of damage and supports the skin renewal process as you sleep, to help maintain the skin’s healthiest turnover cycle.

Superior Radiance Serum 30mL

The new serum is formulated with Shiseido's exclusive whitening ingredient, Pearl Hybrid Complex, and active ingredient Skingenecell 1P.
These two ingredients work in synergy to clear away uneven skin tone factors and powerfully reduce their root cause. The quality and alignment of each skin cell is enhanced, allowing lustrous radiance to shine through from within.

Ultimate Regenerating Serum 30mL

Formulated with a high concentration of Skingenecell 1P.
Effectively helps to inhibit the aging factor of Serpin b3, helping to improve the look of damaged skin.

Eye and Lip Contour  Regenerating Cream 15mL

Formulated with Skingenecell 1P and Form Support Veil, helps prevent the appearance of lines and sagging around the delicate eye and lip areas.

Total Regenerating Body Cream 200mL

A new body cream formulated with Skingenecell 1P.
By driving the age-inducing factor Serpin b3 from the skin, it improves skin quality, and enhances body skin's power to beautify itself.
With a texture as smooth as silk, the cream softens your skin instantly, moisturizing it from within all day long.

Feel the effect of Better and Better Skin with The YUTAKA treatment experience
Shiseido's YUTAKA treatment intensifies the effects of Future Solution LX products, with a unique, sophisticated application technique.

The exclusive massage and a mask combine to make Better and Better Skin your reality.

The name YUTAKA, a Japanese word for affluence or abundance, indicates that this is the ultimate in luxurious treatments offered by Shiseido.
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