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NEW Rouge Products
Lacquer Gloss

Lip Gloss inspired by traditional Japanese transparent lacquer.

Sheen with a complex transparency, as though multiple layers have been applied.
Creates beautiful lips with appealing, clear color and a dewy smooth feel.

The Inspiration click to find out

8 shades expressing Dick Page's color sensibility ~ from those that can be worn every day to unique, special occasion hues.

*Please consult with your closest counter for the shades available in your country/region.

Lacquer Rouge

Liquid Rouge inspired by traditional Japanese colored lacquer.
Intense color and rich luster bring the beauty of lacquerware to the lips.

*Please consult with your closest counter for the shades available in your country/region.

NEW Eye Products / Shades
Shimmering Cream Eye Color

Dewy-textured cream eye color that accents your eyes with shimmering light, making them sparkle with life.
Vivid color and radiant shine last all day without creasing or fading.

*Please consult with your closest counter for the shades available in your country/region.

NEW  Face Color Products
Face Color Enhancing Trio

Create a beautiful complexion, add dimension and make the tones harmonize. Shiseido has been studying the relation between attractive facial expressions and makeup and found several phenomena make lively impression. These phenomena in complexion, dimension and harmony can be reproduced very easily with makeup techniques.

Four color variations that make it easy to create a complexion that works with the look you want.

Innocent and clean. Fair and translucent.

Lychee PK1

"With translucent accents in pale shades of pink, ivory and cream, the Lychee powder palette illuminates the skin, helping to create a clean impression."

Feminine, healthy and sun-kissed.

Apple RD1

"With gentle fawn for shading and luminous sweet pink highlights, the Apple powder palette helps to create a healthy impression as it imparts a vivacious, rosy glow of health to the skin."

Cool and sophisticated. Clean and natural.

Peach OR1

"The Peach powder palette lends skin a soft hint of coral, subtle beige shading and delicate gold highlights, helping to create a sophisticated impression."

Glamorous bronze luster.

Plum RS1

"The Plum powder palette helps to create a glamorous impression through a combination of rich bronze and a vivid rose tone to add detail to the facial structure along with a golden beige glow."

A: Blushing Color ~creates complexion

This warm tone adds soft rosiness to your cheeks, leaving the skin looking healthy, with a translucent glow and a moderately pearlescent texture.

B: Sculpting Color ~creates dimension

This color has a highlighting or shading effect. It creates a natural-looking contrast and adds a lustrous texture.

C: Harmonizing Color ~harmonizes

A beige tone that blends the Blushing Color and Sculpting Color to match your own natural skin tone perfectly, for a natural looking color gradation. Blended with a subtle, non-glare pearl agent.

*Please consult with your closest counter for the shades available in your country/region.

Makeup for you   Makeup Tips by Dick Page
Makeup patterns with Shiseido Rouges - Lacquer Rouge & Perfect Rouge
*Not all products are available in all countries.
*Not all products are available in all countries.
Makeup Artistic Director Dick Page

Dick Page has forged an impressive career, from the fashion runways to editorial and advertising shoots around the globe. Since the early 90s Dick Page has become a key figure behind the fashion shows, working with Narciso Rodriguez and Marc Jacobs, to name a few.

Fashion Shows 14SS Band of Outsiders / Marc by Marc Jacobs / Narciso Rodriguez / Tess Giberson

Suki-urushi, or transparent lacquer, involves high-quality raw lacquer that is slowly aged and dried. Although transparent, it still expresses clear color and a deep, elegant shine.

Transparent lacquer's characteristic glossy finish envelops the wood beneath it in a coating of pure richness that intensifies the natural beauty of the material, enhancing its clear color with lustrous shine and sealing in any other decorative elements the artisan has desinged into the piece such as gold, silver, or mother -of-pearl.

In order to create the hundred-year-lasting beauty and quality, Lacquerware is produced with three processes:
1 Smoothen wooden base, 2 Coat the base with lacquer, 3 Layer lacquer as top coat.

Inspired by lacquerware production process, Lacquer Gloss has unique 3-layer structure.

Smoothes out uneven texture on lips and provides moisture. Makes vertical lines and roughness less visible.

Makes alluring clear color adhere to the lips so dullness becomes less visible, and lips look vividly beautiful.

Coats the lip surface with glossy luster and locks in color and moisture.

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